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Artist Georgina Bedwell


I am an artist and aspiring writer/illustrator working near Toronto, ON in Canada. You can find my art on etsy.com by doing a search for the artist id "GeorginasArt", or follow the link to the right to my ebay store. Much of my work features my favorite characters Midnight and Sunshine, but I do on occasion branch out to other subjects. I welcome you to add me as a friend on facebook. In 2008 I had my first art professionally printed on the ace of hearts card in the first ever ACEO card deck produced by the ebay group ACEO~Art Cards Editions and Originals. One of my paintings (seen below) will soon be included in an illustrated childrens book, about mercats, that is a collaboration between several Kats artists. That book is currently in the proposal stage. In 2009 I hope to finish and self publish my own first childrens book about my cat characters Midnight and Sunshine!


My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: Too many to list.
Favorite TV show: Greys Anatomy, survivor, documentaries.
Favorite movie: Harry Potter, Order of the Pheonix was great!
Favorite book: Harry Potter!!!!!
Favorite sports team: Sports? Whats sports?
Favorite food: Pizza, steak, anything chocolate!
Favorite Cartoon Cat: Its a tie between Garfield and Get Fuzzy.


I am on a quest, much like any other soul to figure out what I can do to make a difference in this world. I create art that I think brings a smile to peoples faces and which makes me happy too, but I try to do more. As a member of Art for Critters I actively fundraise for animal charities through my charity auctions, in hopes of preserving species and bringing unwanted pets to new and happy forever homes. I am also spending much of my time these days helping a small solar thermal systems company to grow their business.

I post something new on ebay every week!




Who do you most admire?

I won't name names because I don't want to embarras anyone. Still the other artists I talk to in various forums are wonderful people, so I do look up to many of them.



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